Interested in building on vacant land or urban infill development, but don’t know where to start?

City is an organism that is constantly growing and changing by neighbourhoods. For different reasons, old homes are replaced with new or larger redevelopments. Infill projects directly impacts an already developed neighbourhood. Issues can arise from adjacent neighbours objecting to new infill redevelopments from tree removal, dust and contruction noise . Therefore, as a courtesy, it is important to keep local residents informed throughout the project's planning stages


Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Make sure all required approvals and permits are in place

  • Keep the communication chain open to the neighbours. Update them on progress as each stage of the project moves forward

  • Protect and respect the immediate adjancencies including other adjacent properties such as trees, shrubs and fences

  • Promptly remove debris and construction materials

  • Keep noisy work to restricted times

  • Keep public and private driveways clear

  • Protect and preserve the neighbourhood character

Interested to find a lot for sale to build a home in Toronto but don’t know where to start?

Development is a team effort and you will need to involve the experts from from financing, legal, to architecture and engineering; to building and construction. I work with a team of professionals who can address the environmental, economic, as well as, perform feasibility study, zoning/ site analysis, construction cost estimate to help you make an informed decision when purchasing property/land and embarking on a project.

The success in every project is in your team's ability to streamline and coordinate each step. My team of professionals can help you:

1. Establish if financing needs is necessary i.e. construction loan, line of credit etc.

2. Discuss your needs and specification. This will include but not limited to discussion for financing/loans, permits, approvals, rezoning, demolition and building permit process, and other applicable laws.

Give me a call today if you need help to find a lot for sale for your next infill project!

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