Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A Home In Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling A Home In Toronto

As an experienced Toronto real estate agent with over 14 years in the field, I often encounter similar questions asked by homeowners who are thinking of selling. Over the years, I have compiled a list of questions here that I hope will be useful information.

"I am thinking of selling my home on my own to save the fees."

Whether you are a first time seller or have gone through the home selling process before, every selling experience is different. Selling a condo is different than selling a house, and selling a mid-century bungalow can be vastly different than selling a modern victorian house. When you are selling a Toronto home on your own, chances are you will be dealing with many legal technicalities that you have never encountered or have the professional foresight to trouble shoot issues before problems arise. Having a seasoned realtor on your team can ensure a smooth and rewarding selling process. You should interview different real estate agents to understand how your home will be marketed and what services are offered and included in their fees.

"Do I really need a real estate agent?"

Nearly 9 in 10 sellers use a real estate agent to sell their home, and you will be wise to hire one to ensure a smooth transaction. Every home is unique in some way even if it's a condo with the same layout in the same building. Realtors see homes on a daily basis. As an experienced real estate agent, my objective is to come up with the best strategy to sell your Toronto home for the highest possible price by marketing the most unique aspect of your property. Often it is the simple things that translate into a higher offer. Realtors are familiar with law and contract knowlegde. I help clients sell and buy homes on a daily basis and can offer my best insights for a speedy sale. You can book a home selling consultation here.

"How long will it take to sell my house?"

Unfortunetly, no one can give you a guarantee on how long it will take to sell your house. There are too many variables to take into consideration. The Toronto real estate market can shift in a matter of 2 weeks. Government induced policy changes, interest rate increases can slow down the market upon announcement. When I sit down with home sellers, we look at the average days a home takes to sell in your neighbourhood, external factors that might affect buying traffic and come up with countermeasures, assess the condition of you home and all the fundamentals to prepare the home to get the optimal visibility. When representing home sellers, my job is to tailor the best strategy based on current market conditions to get your home sold in the shortest number of days and the highest price possible.

"How much can I get for my house?"

This question is probably one of the most frequently asked questions on home selling. What you can get for your home is closely tied with the previous question. Negotiation with the buyer can be affected by many variables. The real estate agent's role is to help you set the listing price for your home in the range that the current market can sustain, but no agent can determine how much the final agreed selling price will be between buyers and sellers.

"Is it beneficial to do an open house?"

With modern technology, multimedia and social media marketing, open houses and private showings are no longer the only way to market your property. At Blue Elephant Realty, we put emphasis in using modern technology to enhance traditional real estate marketing methods to get your home noticed. Book a home selling consultation to find out my services and proven strategy to get your home sold.

Anne Lok is a Toronto Real Estate Broker with over 14 years of experience in all aspect of residential real estate from modern houses, infill development from acquisition to design and construction, condos, lofts and rental properties in urban Toronto neighbourhoods. Anne aims to provide not only the best client service, but also a genuine authentic experience that will match your expectations. You can search modern listings and learn more about Anne at or linkedin.

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