What are chattels and fixtures in a house?

On a MLS listing, the description often has a section that calls out the "inclusions" which are chattels and fixtures that comes with the sale of the property. Chattels are movable possessions not afixed to the a surface. Unless otherwise noted specifically in the purchase agreement to be included with the sale, chattels can be removed from the property at closing of the transaction. Some examples of chattels which are typically included with the sale are large household appliances such as refrigerators, stove, washer and dryer.

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On the other hand, fixtures are considered items that are mounted and secured onto a surface. For example, light fixtures, window rods and blinds, wall mounted book shelves, osmosis water filter system, bathroom mirrors, wall hung TV and brackets, NEST thermostats, special shower heads etc. Often at closing, there is controversy over what fixtures should stay or go. That's why it's important for sellers and listing agents to disclose any excluded items the seller will be taking with them on the listing and on a separate schedule with the purchase agreement to avoid any misunderstanding. If you are selling a rental property, you will need to note that any chattels or fixtures belonging to the tenant will be excluded.

Other chattels that are not normally mentioned but is attached to the sale of the property are all keys accessible to the property, mail box or storage areas, remote controls for garage doors/ window blinds/ ceiling fans, custom wall hung bathroom vanity mirrors [unless otherwise noted], City of Toronto garbage bins, central vac accesoories, and even water shutoff keys for some condos. For the number of keys in possession, there should be at least 2 full set of entry keys passed onto the buyer at closing.

At closing time, the pre-closing visit gives the buyer the opportunity to verify that chattels and fixtrues that are suppose to come with the sale, remain at the property upon closing.

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