Home Buying: Where to Find Live Work Space in Toronto

The modern age of technology has transformed the 9 to 5 workplace, with more individuals to run their business from anywhere and conduct business out of home. There are definitely options for live/work space in Toronto, from commercial storefronts with a living unit above, live/work lofts on one or two levels, homes re-configured with a workspace near the entry , a separate entrance or a two car garage transformed into workspace at the back of a house to receive clients. Some buyers may want to live in a mixed-used master-planned community where there are options to share a coworking space nearby.

"Toronto Star Article: In Toronto's tough rental market, live-work units offer ideal option for some business owners."

Sourcing the perfect live work space requires a more tailored search approach. To start the process, here are a few lifestyle questions you need to consider to determine the type of space and help determine whether you need a commerical or residential mortgage to finance the property:

1. Do you need to find a property to meet clients or will the space only be used for yourself to work out of? What's the square footage of dedicated work place?

2. Do you need privacy when meeting clients?

3. What's the maximum occupants during business hours?

4. Will you need signage?

5. Do you need to account for parcels and delivery?

6. Will you be storing any goods in the live/work space?

7. Is transit and parking important for your customers?

8. Does the building need to have elevators or meet accessibility designed guidelines?

9. Will customers have access to public washroom?

10. What is the square footage of work space you need? Just a den for a desk space, or will you need a partitioned studio?

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Where you can find live/work lofts in Toronto

As for locations, if you are thinking of buying a live work loft, the building will likely be located in a dual zoned post-industrial area of inner city Toronto such as Liberty Village, Leslieville, and Parkdale. For storefront units with an apartment above, you will be on a main street.

Feel free to reach out to us here you need help to find a live/ work space.

Anne Lok is a Toronto Real Estate Broker with over 14 years of experience in all aspect of residential real estate from modern houses, infill development from acquisition to design and construction, condos, lofts and rental properties in urban Toronto neighbourhoods. Anne aims to provide not only the best client service, but also a genuine authentic experience that will match your expectations. You can search modern listings and learn more about Anne at urburbia.ca.

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